The Power of Potential

mission vision Jun 13, 2019

Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!

By Greg Bunch

#1. Our personal life.  

I don’t think I’m revealing any great secret when I say that it takes focus and self-discipline to achieve anything in this life. I have yet to meet anyone in life who gained health, wealth, or wisdom without focus and discipline. To make a change, we have to think and behave contrary to our human nature. In Proverbs, the Bible says: A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest and poverty will come upon you like a robber and want like an armed man. Most of us would rather sleep in than go to work, eat a cookie rather than an apple, spend money rather than save, ignore the smelly diaper and hope someone else changes it, and frankly, take the path of least resistance most of the time!

The happiest, most successful and fulfilled people I know live a life of focus, discipline, and balance. They have all spent their time in the trenches and achieved a level of financial security, yet this doesn’t stop them from pressing forward and staying engaged. They don’t work toward the “one day” they can sit on the beach or play golf. They work hard and take time now to play golf and relax on the beach. They balance family time and work time, being fully engaged in whichever world they are currently in.

The next time you’re contemplating an upcoming year, I hope that you give some serious thought, as I am, to creating the future that will be the most fulfilling and bring you joy, peace, and happiness. I’m sorry if this bursts anybody’s bubble, but none of those things will come by buying more toys, a bigger house, a bigger car, or retiring to a life of self-indulgence. Those things come about by becoming the person God made you to be and using your gifts, talents, and resources to give back to humanity and the world we share.

#2. Business.  

As I talk to business owners across this great nation, I find them to be in two camps; those who have achieved a level of comfort and those that have a taste for “world domination.” Just like I said that there is no greater tragedy than a life that did not reach their God-given potential life, I also believe the same is true in business.  Most successful business owners I know see financial rewards as a by-product of what they do, not the reason for what they do. They want to make life better for their clients, customers, patients, community, and employees. They want their products and services to enhance the lives of those around them.

Our nation was built on the backs of small business. Take time to evaluate your business and see if it is living up to its potential and make this a year that you push your business closer to its potential. In my businesses, I know that there is a lot more market share that needs our services. I know that they would be much better served by us than by our competitors. Is this true for you too? I know that I have employees who, provided the opportunity, can grow and bring their careers to the next level.  I know I have facilities that can handle twice the level of business they currently do.  I hope you are inspired to join me and do the hard work to fulfill your God-given potential in every area of your life!